Warwick Township The Heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Next Board of Supervisors Meeting Monday, August 4th

Agenda not yet set


Route 263 Construction Update

Within the Boundaries of Eagle Court (Utility Co. ONLY) to South of Meyer Way All other work from Just North Deer Run through Just South Meyer and West on Almshouse work Continues as:



Waterline & Storm Installation and/or Testing

Along Almshouse Road within the defined work limits Curb removal for Temporary widening (Just Below Star Lawn Mower)


PECO Subs will continue Aerial electric relocations

PECO Subs will continue underground relocations


Temporary Traffic Light Work will continue from Deer Run through Meyer Way


Waterline Paving Trench Restoration Poor House – Luigi’s (On-Going)

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Summer Office Hours for the Administrative offices

Beginning July 3rd, the Township administrative offices will be open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.  All regular business including permits, amusement tickets, etc. will be available to residents during these hours.  Summer hours in effect until after the Labor Day holiday.